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The general rule is to keep dietary intake as near to normal as possible.  If appetite is poor small and frequent snacks (every 1-2 hours) of carbohydrate containing foods and drinks should be offered.  If your child is unable to eat it is then necessary to actively encourage sips of fluid containing sugar to replace the normal carbohydrate and to prevent low blood glucose levels. Also encourage plenty of sugar free fluids.  The following may be more easily tolerated during illness.

10gm Carbohydrate

20gm Carbohydrate

100ml Cola or Lemonade

200ml Cola or Lemonade

60ml Lucozade

120ml Lucozade

80g Fruit Fromage Frais

125g Fruit Fromage Frais

50g Ice Cream

100g Ice Cream

2 Rich Tea Biscuits

2 Digestive Tea Biscuits

100ml Fruit Juice

200ml Fruit Juice

50g Jelly (not diet)

100g Jelly (not diet)

1 Slice Toast without Crusts

1 Slice Thick Cut Toast

25g Pancake

50g Pancake

½ Custard Pot (check food label)

200g Tinned Soup (check food label)

Need More Help?

The CHOICE diabetes education programme is available in NI and the border counties of Republic of Ireland, ask your Diabetes Team

Choice Programme