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Type 1 diabetes is treated by replacing the missing insulin in your body and this can be done via multiple daily injections.  The aim of treatment is to achieve as near normal blood glucose levels as possible.  Injections are given into the fat beneath your skin, usually via an insulin pen.  This is called a subcutaneous injection.  The injections are usually given into the fat tissue of the abdomen, thigh or buttocks.  Varying the injection site reduces the risk of the area becoming lumpy and helps make sure the insulin is absorbed correctly.

It is very important to change the injection site each time.

Frequency of injections:  Your diabetes team will have advised you how frequently you need to inject.  Insulin treatment plans (dose and frequency of injections) vary from person to person.

Need More Help?

The CHOICE diabetes education programme is available in NI and the border counties of Republic of Ireland, ask your Diabetes Team

Choice Programme